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Removing Emotional Pain


 “I used to live to party and get high
 all in my false attempt to find
 happiness. Learning to remove
 emotional pain is a learned process
 and it took me from a life of drug
 use to a life of peace.”

 “The skills and attitudes taught
 by Ron Wilkins absolutely saved
 my life.”



To live life as an emotional pain processor is to be free of massive amounts of negative thoughts that lead to depression. To live life as an emotional pain processor is to live depression free and to do it without medication. To live life without constant negative thoughts and depression is to live life without the stress build up that creates the need for escape behaviors. To live life without negative thoughts, depression, stress and escape behaviors is to live a life in true freedom. A life free of hurting others, free of shame, guilt, fear, free from hollow resolves and one failure after another is priceless. Few find it! You can be one of those few! Order this book today to learn the priceless skills to live life in this manner.

“Removing Emotional Pain” is a portrait of a life time of experiences. This book walks unabashed through the life of a man who never was taught the ability to remove emotional pain. This inability is common in the vast majority of all people today and it led him down a destructive cycle of behavior. This behavior bottomed when he was imprisoned for five and a half years for crimes stemming from his inability to process pain. “Removing Emotional Pain” shows his journey in the discovery of tools necessary to process emotional pain which brings forth inappropriate behaviors. Contentment and peace is a possible state in which to live and this book demonstrates the journey needed to meet these goals.