About the Author

Ron Wilkins has been teaching others how to remove their emotional pain for almost two decades. He has a well of experience from which to draw. He began his life carrying pain and instantly reacting to anything he did not like with anger and negative behavior. He began drinking alcohol at the age of four. Fifteen years later, consistent with the national average of fifteen years from introduction to hitting bottom, he attempted to take his life with his car. He excelled in everything except his life of self-destructive behaviors. He suffered from eight of the top ten addictions, and in spite of his high position in corporate industry, he lost his freedom and spent five and one half years in prison. After his arrest, he was taught what unprocessed emotional pain could do, how it did what it did, and most importantly what could be done about it by Behavior Modification Institute of Atlanta. His training made it possible for him to become an inmate counselor. Ron now spends his time teaching seminars and workshops to churches, schools, and individuals on how to process emotional pain eliminating the need for addictive escape behaviors. His skills have brought numerous people to a life of contentment never before imagined.