About the Book

What can unprocessed emotional pain do? It can do far more than one would expect. Emotional pain carriers are clueless to what is happening to them. They slowly become discontented and restless.
In time, discontentment leads to depression and unless depression
is removed with healthy thinking and attitudes, it will lead to escape behaviors. Like it or not, escape behaviors escalate into overpowering addictions and any addiction will result in strained
and broken relationships. Broken relationships result in legal complications, and often the loss of freedom. The stress, chaos,
and building emotional overload can and often does bring on
thoughts of suicide. Victims of emotional pain can be expected to
go into deep denial concerning their emotional condition and escape behaviors. They cannot be expected to see their state of denial.

The book, “Removing Emotional Pain”, is the first book written with incredible honesty and simplicity to help most every individual. There are skills and attitudes which are absolutely necessary to obtain before any help can be found. One can spend thousands on self-help books, counselors, and even drugs and no contentment will be achieved without these simple skills and attitudes. This process is hard and is not easily obtained. There is no magic pill but only hard work on behalf of the emotional pain carrier. This book gives you the tools you need to accomplish a life never before experienced filled with contentment and peace.

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